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  • Rate is charged per hour for pattern making, spec work & communications.

  • Rate is charged per piece for grading patterns and per marker for marker making. Exceptions apply.

  • 1st hour of consultations is free, hourly rate is charged thereafter.

  • Rates are provided with the quote of hours/time.

  • No penalty rates will be charged, if weekends or public holidays are included in the hours worked.

  • Invoiced hours are tallied until the completion of the job, or until the point of release of work is required for the client, or the end of a week.

  • Weekly Agreement clients are invoiced on Wednesday to have payment made on the Friday

  • Hours are calculated to the nearest 5 minutes. Hourly tally will be provided with invoice.

  • Upon completion of the work the invoice will be emailed to the client - upon notification of payment, the completed tech pack will be emailed (release of work).

  • Travel rate is incurred when the job can be completed from the home office and sent electronically, but the client has requested another location for meetings or work to be conducted.

  • Additional travel costs for flights or accommodation will occur if work is interstate or overnight.

  • Courier costs are added to the invoice if a courier/postage is required.

  • If a job is urgent and another client has to be pushed back, an urgency fee is applied to the invoice.

  • Prices exclude GST

  • For the most recent rates please email for a business pack to be sent to you.

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