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Available Services
  • Pattern Making from Design Sketch / Supplied Block / Sample

  • Grading of Complete Patterns for Production

  • Marker Making for Sample Cutting, Yardage, or Production

  • Completed Spec, including Trade Sketch created in Illustrator

  • Full Scale Illustrator Patterns to place fabric prints/logos onto

  • Conversions and Pattern Checking to or from other CAD programs into Gerber

  • Sample QC and Spec Measurements before Fitting and Alteration

  • Garment Fitting

  • Design Room Management Consultations

  • Skilled and Experienced Colleagues to refer to for Production Cutting, Sample Making and Production Making

Pattern Making Guidelines
  • Tech Pack will include:

    1. Electronic Pattern (DXF & RUL files or Gerber Zip File)

    2. Model Sheet (PDF)

    3. Specification Sheet (Excel Original)

    4. Specification Sheet (PDF)

    5. Sketch jpegs used within Spec

    6. Illustrator (ai) file (Original trade sketch)

  • Markers are included in the tech pack if requested at outlined charge.

  • Extra work on top of the detailed tech pack will be charged at the pattern making rate.

  • Fabric and accessory information needs to be provided before pattern making.

  • Detailed design sketch with all relevant information needs to be provided before pattern making.

  • If completed spec is provided by the designer, the quote is for pattern making only.

  • Plotting is charged per metre of paper printed. Marker plots wider than 90cm require outsourcing.

  • Digitizing is not available on-site- drafting off a garment would be "by measurement" or Outsourced Digitizing is an option

  • Gerber Pattern Making

  • Gerber Grading

  • Gerber Marker Making

  • Illustrator Trade Sketch

  • Excel Spec Sheets

Stock Patterns Available
  • Basic Tank 1pce Swimsuit (8-16)

  • Basic Bandeau 1pce Swimsuit (8-16)

  • Basic Sliding Triangle Tie side Bikini (8-14)

  • Basic T-shirt (V neck or Crew) (XS-XXL)

  • Basic Singlet (XS-XXL)

Please email for enquiry of Stock Patterns. (See contact page)

The price is $40 per style. The invoice is sent after the request. Patterns are emailed upon payment receipt.

The Pattern comes printable AO size PDF in a graded stack of sizes, with a spec sheet on how to sew and measurements. 

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